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Article 1.Detailed business information

Speet Quality Books
van Leijenberghlaan 4-G
1082 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of commerce registration Nr: 54857759
VAT/BTW Nr: 176523662B01

Article 2. Applicability terms and conditions

1. All goods offered by Speet Quality Books at the website and contracts between Speet Quality Books and the customer are subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Before ordering the customer will be given the opportunity to read and accept these terms and conditions. The ordering process can only be completed after acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions.

Article 3. Contract between Speet Quality Books and Customer

After Speet Quality Book has received order-notification by e-mail from the customer and after payment of the ordered good(s) has been accepted, the contract is concluded. Speet Quality Books will immediately after receipt of the e-mail notification acknowledge the customer of receipt of order and provide customer with detailed order information and confirmation.

Article 4. Condition of the goods, prices, taxes and invoice

1. All goods are in the condition and state as described, unless minor defects that are common to used and antiquarian goods. Speet Quality Books provides customer with additional information at request before ordering. Also additional images of the goods are available upon request. To EU customers no VAT/BTW is charged for used goods due to the margin scheme provided with the European VAT Directive article 325.
To customers outside the EU 0% VAT/BTW will be applied.

2. All article prices are ex-shipping costs. Shipping costs will be explicitly shown to the customer before completing order during ordering process. Shipping cost are according to rates. Shipping costs charged are based on the shipping method with minimal costs.

3. The costs of packing and transport insurance, import and export duties as well as all other levies and taxes in respect of the delivered goods and the transport thereof shall be for the charge of the customer.

4. Speet Quality Books will sent invoice by e-mail after acceptance of payment. Customer will also receive attached invoice to item(s) ordered at delivery address. Invoice contains payment confirmation.
Article 5. Shipping / delivery and risk / reservation of ownership

1. Goods will not be dispatched from our store until acceptance of payment. After acceptance of payment by Speet Quality Books shipping will be within two business days. The customer will receive shipping notification as soon as the item is dispatched for delivery.

2. The delivery dates and times specified by  Speet Quality Books shall be estimates. Speet Quality Books shall not be liable for the consequences of any excess of delivery deadlines.

3. In case of delivery to the customer or to a third party designated by the customer, the sold goods shall be considered to have been delivered and the risk shall be deemed to have transferred at the moment that the customer or the third party designated by him is in the position that he can factually dispose of the goods.

4. Without prejudice to the obligation of the customer to pay in time, the delivered goods shall remain the exclusive property of Speet Quality Books until the customer has performed all of the obligations under the agreement with Speet Quality Books.

Article 6. Payment

1. Following payment methods are accepted: Maestro, IDEAL, Giropay, DIRECT ebanking, Bank Transfer and Mister Cash. If other ways of payment are requested, please contact us in advance.

2. The costs of (money) transaction shall be for the charge of the customer

3. All payments shall be made without any compensation or reduction.

Article 7. Returns and refunds

1. All returns will be accepted by Speet Quality Books within 30 days of the estimated date of delivery by the customer with full refund of customers payment. The customer is entitled to consider the purchase until 30 days after delivery .

2. During the 30 days time to consider the customer should handle the good received with care and should return the goods in the same condition as received. If the goods are not in the same condition as received, the customer shall not be entitled to full refund of payment. Please contact Speet Quality Books before returning the goods.

Article 8. Complaints

The customer shall be held to notify Speet Quality Books of any defects in writing within 14 days after receipt of the goods. Complaints will be answered within 14 days after written acknowledgement or after e-mail receipt.

Article 9. Liability / force majeure

1.The liability of Speet Quality Books shall never lead to other obligations than those mentioned in these terms and conditions.

2. Speet Quality Books accepts no liability for actions and/or claims of the customer or third parties regarding copyrights of the goods.

3. If Speet Quality Books due to force majeure is not able to perform its obligations towards the customer, the customer shall not be entitled to any damages.

4. Force majeure of Speet Quality Books means any circumstance beyond the control of the Speet Quality Books as a result of which the performance of its obligations towards the customer is prevented or reasonably can no longer be demanded from Speet Quality Books, irrespective of whether those circumstances were foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the agreement or not.

Article 10. Governing Law / Disputes

1. Contracts to which these terms & conditions apply between Speet Quality Books and the customer shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the Netherlands.

2. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is excluded.

3. Unless prescribed otherwise by mandatory national or international rules of law and unless Speet Quality Books prefers otherwise, all disputes between the parties shall be submitted for settlement to the District Court competent in the court district within which Speet Quality Books has its business address.